Orhn's master trainer, gunsmith


Hharth is a master of all things metal and magic. He invented fusing arcane energy to mecanical devices such as guns and constructs. Her has even pioneared a unique type of Ar’goon by attaching arcane infused mecanical limbs to their stone bodies. Hharth has aided many barons and private companies over the years and has had over 100 apprenices. None of his apprentices have made contributions as outstanding as his own, and fewer still have finished their apprenticeship. Many leave due to his harsh ways and demanding nature, though even more are abandoned by Hharth himself deemed unworthy of his vast knowledge. Hhart and his son moved to Sadenstein 5 years ago and have made it their home since then.

Hhart has recently vanished, leaving his son with no sign of what happened to him.


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