Ar goon
Ar’goon playable races: Warforged, Shardmind, Revenent and Minotaur

Height: 4’0" – 8’0" (depends on the size the body created for them)
Weight: 300 – 500lbs.

Ar’goon is the name giving to those who’s souls are permanently tied to an inanimate object. The term mostly relates to those with a humanoid body, though from time to time intelligent items will be referred to as Ar’goon. Very little is known about how the first Ar’goon were formed, but it is known that they were the first subjects of Soul-traps (the process of anchoring a soul to an inanimate object, in most cases a small hexagonal stone). They emerged some time near the end of the Giant War and taught dwarves the methods of Soul-trapping, then shortly before the Clan Wars began the Ar’goon vanished.

Since that time Ar’goon have been created. The science of permanently tying a soul to a stone is still unknown, however in rare occasions during the Soul-trapping process it has been discovered that the soul will bond with the material in the stone. When the stone in placed into a host (an item of statue created to honor the fallen dwarf) an Ar’goon emerge. Most dwarves believe Ar’goon to be a blessing from the Stonefather. Though the constructs to not receive any special treatment by dwarven society their presence is usually regarded as a good omen.

Many Ar’goon prefer to live a simple life, often in solitude. They dedicate themselves to the research of history or the ways of the Ancestors. Considering their unmeasurable lives Ar’goon are considered masters of their arts, and many will come to them to learn all they can. In dwarven slang Ar’goon are refered to as “goons”, this term isn’t meant to be derogatory, its simply a nickname.

The most common type of body for an Ar’goon is a statue crafted in the image of their former self, however with the recent advances in technology there have been some mechanically crafted Goons. Their size and appearance very greatly. Furthermore, the material used to make them varies, however they are almost always made with stone or metal because it seems that they soul possessing the construct can manipulate these materials easier then anything else.


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