Female azer

Azer playable race: Tiefling, Dragonborn (fire), Genasi (firesoul, cindersoul, magmasoul and sunsoul)

Height: 4’3" – 4’9"
Weight: 230 – 300 lbs.

Azer are fire dwarves who once dwelled deep in mountain in the time of giants. The were slaves to the fire lord, but have long since been freed due to the intervention of the Hammerfist clan. Many Azer still feel a strong sense of loyalty to the Herrum for saving the Azer clan.

Azer now make up a minority in Hammerfall as caretakers of the city and personal servants to the Herrum’s noble class. There are also Azer occupied bergs close to Hammerfall, specializing in smelting and are master smiths. Azer make marvelous metal workers due to their natural affinity and resistance to fire.

Flame azer
Azer are red haired dwarves with eye colors of varying blues greens and purples. Their skin is often a bronze or tan color. They one had manes of flame that acted at chokers, keeping them in captivity to their fire-lords. Since their inauguration they have lost these blatant signs of their connection to fire, however when an Azer is overcome with emotions or is in the heat of battle they have been known to manifest flames.


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