Bennitear Playable Races: Dragonborn (thunder, lightning), Deva, Genasi (sunsoul) and Kalashtar

Weight: Varies
Height: Varies

Bennitear is the term for one blessed by the ancestors. This blessing is more then a simple boon granted to the devout, it is a calling given to one at birth. The word Bennitear refers to one who is chosen by the ancestors to do some great thing, or to be their physical body as they walk the earth again. Most Bennitear don’t know they are special, it usually takes someone who was given a prophesy to see them for what they are.

Bennitear are held in high regard by most because they are often a walking embodiment of the ancestors. Furthermore; their arrival means that some great act will follow. For this reason they are also feared because they could be commissioned to bring down a noble man, or start a rebellion. If rules get wind of a prophecy that worries them it isn’t uncommon for them to declare a Cleansing in which they attempt to kill any who might fit the description of the prophecy. There is not record in history that shows this as ever being successful, or for that matter of a Cleansing ever being done. It is well within the legal rights or a baron to issue a Cleansing throughout his berg, and likewise the king my issue one throughout the entire kingdom.

Bennitear are rare and only seem to be made known in times of great need. It is believe among scholars that Bennitear may walk amount mortal dwarves as an untapped power the ancestors may use at their will. Though it is impossible to validate this claim. These individual may appear in any race and clan of dwarf and their fore will look like their people. Though when they awake with power they seem to shed radiant and divine power.


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