Duergar playable race: Shadar-Ki, Shade, Genasi (voidsoul) and Changling

Height: 4’5" 4’11"
Weight: 150 – 260 lbs.

Duergar came to the Broken Isles as an envoy their kingdom on the main continent. They were surprised to find that the island continent was inhabited by giants. They quickly learned the giants had enslaved the dwarven population. The shadow dwarves assaulted the giants freeing a couple of dwarven tribes. These newly freed dwarven tribes (the strongest of which was the Hammerfist tribe) allied with the Duergar. This large force waged an all out war against the giants. After assisting in the dwarves freedom the Duergar were shunned by most dwarven tribes for being outsiders. With no way of getting home (the giants destroyed their fleet) the Duergar moved underground, to disappear as swiftly as they had arrived.

The Duergar honed and adapted their affinity with shadow. They became renown assassins and masters of espionage. Their roll was instrumental in the Clan Wars causing the Duergar to become a wealthy tribe with little direct involvement in the war itself. Once the war ended the Duergar had amassed enough influence and wealth to ensure that they would never be pushed from the history books again.

Duergar are dark brown skinned dwarves the dark hair and eyes. They are able to create shadow from nothing, teleport from shadow to shadow or shift themselves into a walking shadow. Many still live lives as assassins or criminals but most have assimilated into the dwarven kingdom. They are still mistrusted by many especially Herrime, but Duergar have the same rights as any other dwarf.


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