Dweorg Playable Races: Any playable race

Weight: Varies
Height: Varies

The term dweorg refers to any dwarf that has little to no connection with its former clan (prior to the Clan Wars). They make up the largest part of the dwarven population but few hero’s arise from their ranks. After the Clan Wars most tribes where stripped of their title and power. Only the few that allied themselves with the Hammerfist clan were allowed to hold lands and power.

Dweorg live small lives as farmers, smiths and merchants, as well as many other professions that support the countries economy. They are the middle class of the land, unable to afford city life and its glamour but also not starving and stealing to survive. They work the bergs throughout the midlands and are given rights to vote and own small amounts of land and shops. In times of war the Barons have the right to conscript Dweorg to form a militia, and they are within their legal rights to form a militia of their own to overthrow tyrannical rules provided they have the proper documentation. Life for them is tough and they get as much as they give.

Because Dweorg have such a mixed background many are unsure of what clan their ancestors come from. They also may have physical characteristics of one or more known clans, or they may manifest attributes not familiar to any clan, but this seldom has any effect on how they are treated by others.


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