Galeb Playable Race: Mul, Goliathe, Githzerai and Genasi (Earthsoul, Sandsoul, Plaguesoul, Magmasoul)

Height: 4’3" – 4’11"
Weight: 145 lbs – 230 lbs

Clan Galeb Duhr are powerful shaman and protectors of the earth. Once free from the grip of their masters the clan set out to repair the world that the giants had so viciously abused. The Stonefather saw the compassion the clan had for nature that he granted them a boon. When they called upon the earth it would rise up to their defense.

After the Clan War the clan split. Half the clan fled to the eastern mountains to escape the oppression of the Hammerfist clan. The other half stayed to ensure that the freshly established kingdom wouldn’t cause anymore damage then the giants had. They integrated themselves into the other clans becoming regular members of society while maintaining a clan. Each major berg has a church of stone, a place where the Galeb clan meet. The clan still does what it can to maintain the natural balance but with the increase of industry through out the midlands they are fighting a losing battle.

The dwarves are refereed to as Galeb now and they are mostly known for their churches to the Stonefather. They often wield an odd mix of divine and primal powers. They are built like most dwarves, with brown hair and eyes, and dark skin. Most the men shave their heads, and sometimes their beards as a symbol of devotion to the Stonefather. They also have tattoo’s all over their bodies that seem to have some connection to their affinity with the earth.


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