Hjomraine playable race: Dwarf

Height: 4’0" 4’5"
Weight: 185 lbs – 250 lbs

The Hjomraine is the title given to a dwarf that belongs to clan Hammerfist. The clan has been the leading power on the continent since they lead the rest of the clans in a revolt against the giants. They established their capital on a large mountain in the midlands, where their masters once dwelt, and names it Hammerfall. The Hjomriane where instrumental in freeing the Azer from their firelords, a dept they rarely allow the Azer to forget.

When the Clan Wars broke out the Hjomraine had the most defensible city and the largest force. With the aid of clan Azer, and the other clans wise enough to ally themselves with the Hjomraine, they won the Clan War. The war ended after eleven years with the surrender of all other clans to the rule of clan Hammerfist. The midlands came together as one country under the Hjomraine, with Murgan Hammerfist as their king.

The Hammerfist clan has held it’s reign over the land for over 200 years. Most Hjomraine live in Hammerfall as high ranking citizens and members of the kings army. They have access to better schooling, and jobs. They live the easiest lives amongst any dwarf living on the Broken Isles. In Hammerfall a silver tongue is often more valuable then a bronze axe, and it will get you out of trouble easier too. Most Hjomraine are arrogant looking down on the other clans, and constantly holding their advantageous lives over others.

Hjomraine are shorted and stouter then the average dwarf, often with large hands, feet, noses and ears. They like to boast that they are blessed with larger appendages then dwarves of lesser clans. Their hair color varies but is often dark. Eye color is usually dark blues and brown.


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