Hobbits: Halfling and Gnome

Height: 3’4" – 4’0"
Weight: 130 lbs – 195 lbs

After the great war against the giants the dwarves began to breed heavily in an attempt to build up a force encase the remaining giants tried to establish a stronghold again. A birth defect arose in this time which cased many dwarves to be born small and thin. These children were left to fend for themselves. Over time they ones who survived bonded together to form small tribes of their own. These runt dwarves became known as Hobbits.

As time when on the dwarven reproduction rate reduced as did the amount of children born with this odd birth defect, however it seemed that if both parents had the birth defect then so would their children. Hobbits in small secluded tribes were able to maintain their numbers, but the tribes never had enough numbers to be a true clan. They hid from the fighting during the Clan Wars. Eventually many of the small tribes banded together.

Years after the Clan Wars Hobbits came before the king of Hammerfall and declared their intent to be recognized as a clan. They were granted citizen rights but were forbidden to live in dwarven bergs. Now nomadic Habbit clans dot the southern end of the midlands. They have trade routes that lead them through the midlands, however they are highly untrusted by most dwarves.

Hobbits are on average a foot shorted then dwarves and weigh less too. Hobbits are smart, quick and more competent with magic then dwarves. Powerful enough mages are hired by Arcane Academies on a temporary basis.


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