Savages: Half-Orc, Wildern and Shifter

Height: 4’1" – 4’8"
Weight 140 lbs – 230 lbs

After the Clan Wars many of the losing clans refused to sign the treaty that would make them citizens of the Hammerfist nation so they were exiled. They fled across the eastern mountains to the savage lands, a place of powerful primal power. Here they carved out their own homeland as independent clans fighting for resources and lands. The savage land is just that, savage and fierce, one must rely on ones cunning to survive.

Savage dwarves have adapted, valuing agility and wit over strength. They are leaner and more fit then the dwarves of the midlands. Their weapons and armor are made from wood and bone, making them lighter but more fragile. They have little need of grooming and self maintenance.

These dwarves have little need to go into the midlands, never the less some do make their way across the mountains. Reasons for this may be exile or a need for something they cannot find in their homes. The midland towns near the eastern mountains see a regular amount of savage dwarves and so they have developed a relationship with the clans but the further into the midlands the savage dwarves travel the less kindness they see. Though savage dwarves may go to Hammerfall and apply for citizenship for a price.


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