Dwarf wizard2
Walker Playable Race: Eladrin

Weight: Varies
Height: Varies

There are few people on this plane and any other who have the rare power to travel through space and time. These individuals do not truly belong to and plane of existence they are only guest and therefore have no right to get involved in events that shape the future, however accidents do happen. Walkers carry only the essential possessions for survival. The are strictly forbidden from bringing technology from one world to the next. No one knows who set the rules for Walkers or who enforces them.

Much of their way of life is a mystery including how they first came to be. Many legends say they are the first mortal made before the worlds were split, others say they are gods walking among men, and still many deny their very existence. Walkers are named for their tendency to simply vanish without a trace.

Walkers can be members of any race though they are most common among humans and elves. There is nothing that distinguishes a walker from the other members of their race.

Dwarven Walkers are less common then those of elves and humans. They are more involved in they day to day actions of an average usually posing as merchants selling bizarre items. They never get involved in politics or religion and are content to live complacent lives until they move on to the next world.


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