Welcome to Broken Coast, the all dwarf campaign setting.

Character creation:
-Point buy system, 24 points.
-Dump stat. One of your stats must start at an 8 and cannot be increased except through natural increases, i.e. stat increase at 11 and 21 or racial bonuses (the stat should never be over 12).
-All races playable except Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Drow, Thri-Kreen and Vryloka.
-All races are dwarven in flavor.
-All classes are playable except Vampire
-See wiki page for re-flavor of playable races.
-Themes and Backgrounds are acceptable, but must be approved and re-flavored to fit the campaign.
-Your character starts with a magic item. This item is imbued with the power of your ancestors and will grow in power with you for the rest of the game. You may choose any magic item excluding wondrous, intelligent or consumable even if it is above level 1, however you will not have access to the items enchantment until your character is the same level as the enchantment.

- Races

- Powers

Broken Coast

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